Samples Online

  1. Web Calculator - C# Calculator

    HTML, Javascript, and CSS work great together. Try this for ta great demonstration for a web based calculator. Javascript debuted in 1995 and has been a staple of web browsers ever since.

  2. ASP.NET Web Forms & Web Controls Calculator

    This web calculator is based on an assigment from my C# Certification. C# debuted in 2000 and is a modern, multi-purpose object-oriented programming. It has more features of the ASP.Net framework., which is an open-source framework for producing dynamics web pages. Please visit the contact page if you have any questions or comments about it.

  3. HTML Javascript Morse Code Translator

    We have been using morse code since 1836, and try this for translating your name to Morse code. There is no need for "straight key", just your keyboard or touchscreen. If your interested in learning more about the code behind this application or about the morse code ommunication system, then click on the following link:Learning Morse Code

  4. If you are interested in a few books, try the O'Reilly Media books that cover a variety of programming languages for beginners to experienced developers.

    Another excellent source for learing to code is Code Academy. It is a well developed site that is focused on learning to code, and best of all it is free. Courses cover HTML, Ruby, PHP, and Python to name just a few. They also have an active and large community of participants in their forums. So if you find yourself in a bind or "coder's block", you can serch their forums for answers to previous questions or post a new one.